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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Dick Cheney has a book coming out. It seems like every one of the sociopaths from BushCo ( Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice ) has published a book since BushCo piloted this country into a downward spiral. You may have noticed, I don't like Cheney, I think he's evil and I won't be happy until the smug prick is in a real nasty prison or he drops dead.

John Dean comments on Cheney's book "In My Time".


Pentagon Wasted Billions, Missing Trillions !!!

Let's not forget that it was Dick Cheney as Defense Secretary began "no-bid" contracts for KBR/Halliburton which led to billions in fraud & abuse. There were multiple deaths of our soldiers because of KBR's shoddy contractors.
But would Congress do the responsible thing and pull the plug on their financing? Hell No !

The US government is currently suing Halliburton/KBR for $100 million because of fraud and over spending.

Here is one problem with our stinkin' budget and the deficit that wasn't brought up during the standoff by the posers.
All they talked about was entitilements and that MediCare, MedicAid & Social Security was on the table but that was just a diversion..
It's all Bullshit & Lies !!!

From Mother Jones' David Corn..
"When it comes to the Bush administration’s signature scandal, the ex-veep is an unreliable source."
Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert explain "Zombies Stalking the World"...
>>>with more about Cheney

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