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Friday, July 22, 2011

"You Progressives"

Here's a news flash, Obama ain't progressive... Big surprise, right?
He's touting some "big deal" he and the pretenders are working on, all in this budget deficit, debt crisis, debt ceiling bullshit session. Of course he will have to negotiate (capitulate, cave, fold) to the repugs demands to cut SS, Medicare & Medicaid. You can be sure they won't hold hands in some bipartisan effort that gets us out of these foreign occupations, brings the troops home and repeals the Bush tax cuts. No, that would be responsible AND logical.

"The problem is that You Progressives see the glass as half empty."
And here's your sign...

"Now what this would do to seniors on Social Security -- we already understate inflation, and seniors haven't gotten a COLA for the last two years.
Tell me the price of prescription drugs and medical care hasn't gone up over the last two years. "

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