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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Weiner Dilemma

The MSM (main stream media ) has a real tasty Weiner to chew on. It is amazing what holds peoples attention in a 24/7 media cycle. The more sensational the better. Right up there with reality shows. Really really significant stuff.

So what happened to Rep. Anthony Weiner?
What happened to the lion of congress?
Well apparently he has lost his goddamn mind. The poor guy must have cracked.
One basic thing we all should be aware of that apparently the Weiner forgot is that there is no expectation of privacy on the internet with Twitter, Facebook or email, none of it.
Instead of sending a private message via Twitter Weiner accidentally sent one out to all his followers and then Andrew Breitbart came forward with a picture. Mr Weiner denied everything saying that his Twitter account must have been "hacked". As if things weren't bad enough Weiner got in front of every camera that was put in front of him denying all of it. Days turned into weeks and more shit floated to the surface. More Twitter pics of Weiner and his boehner. A bunch lewd communications from Weiner to girls, porn chicks and a single mother.
"Lookin' for love in all the wrong places"... yeah yeah yeah...
Really, the guy needs his head examined. As immature as all his activities were, even more troubling is his obsession with photographing himself and his penis.
I don't know if he can survive this. As inappropriate are the activities of a married man and a congressman there is the issue of lying out his ass over & over again on camera. It will greatly diminish his credibility. We desperately need more strong progressive voices that are willing to fight the good fight in government but what we don't are more self absorbed, out of control, narcissistic bordering on delusional power hungry maniacs. There's plenty of them in the Senate.

All that being said Mr. Weiner has broken no laws and even though wildly inappropriate not necessarily even an ethics violation. So now comes a tsunami of opinion. Some people say he should resign and some say since no laws were broken that he should get some help but stay in office.
I have to address the hypocrites in politics that want Weiner to leave. People in both houses calling for Weiner to resign but they didn't run Larry Craig out of town for blowing guys in airport bathrooms or John Ensign's pursuit of his staffer and a bribe to cover up the affair. The icing on this proverbial cake may be that David Vitter is still in the Senate even after being exposed for patronizing prostitutes. No justice here.

Even Nancy freakin' Pelosi wants Weiner gone. That hypocritical fucking bitch who watched as Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Rice were given a pass for war crimes. When asked about prosecuting these miscreants, she said "that impeachment was off the table".
Pelosi should be run out town for her dereliction of duty and Weiner should stand his ground unless Vitter is removed or if for some reason he determines this circus puts too much stress on his pregnant wife.

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