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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Dumb & Dumber

Open mouth, insert foot. Politicians spend so much time talking and so little time making sense. All too common but it's the flip-floppers that get all the laughs. This is nothing new but it's encouraging to see them get more coverage and rub their noses in it. Some candidates will say anything depending on the crowd they are addressing and change their tune as soon as the crowd changes. Disingenuous at best. After being elected they tend to be a little more reckless and flat out lie when necessary. You've probably seen quite a bunch of liars in action talking about the deficit, medicare, social security, global warming, etc...
This is great stuff when they change their position on an issue kinda like 'which ever way the wind blows' and it's recorded.


You have to wonder are they that clueless or just plain stupid?
Well here's a big serving of stupid.

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