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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Budget vs the Deficit

There seems to be a problem getting a budget approved and yes I mean this years budget. You need a budget or the government will shutdown.
That would mean no government or military paychecks, tax refunds, etc... Well of course everybody paid by the government except congress. They never miss a paycheck, never miss a raise, always have health care and never go to bed hungry.
If things were run more smoothly, you know like a business, that would have been on last years calendar. Oh yeah, the dems controlled things last year.
Add one more missed opportunity to the score board.
Man do we need more choices other than this broke ass two party system?

Back in February the Republicans set the stage demanding $32 billion in spending cuts.
The media had a countdown to a shutdown in the crazy 24 hour what passes for news cycle.
Friday night; rather than have to come back and work the weekend; the Democrats caved to $38.5 billion in spending cuts. That's right; in February the Republicans wanted $32b but when they whined, changed their mind and upped the amount; the democrats had to do what they do best and that is to cave.

Here comes Paul Ryan with his Austerity Budget Plan for 2012... Oy! The MSM is embracing Paul Ryan's budget with hugs & kisses. Some go as far as calling Ryan courageous, other say "it may be genius" and the "adult plan"...
It is truly amazing the ignorance displayed by media pundits. Like so many of the Republican efforts this plan cuts taxes for the wealthy & corporations and puts all the sacrifice on a vanishing middle class and those that are already poor.
Ryan's plan will not reduce the deficit, it would add to it. His plan also include measures to "transform"(privatize) Medicare into a voucher program that will surely cost more in the long run. They can't really sell this crap when there are no facts to back up their predictions.
Medicare like Social Security is an insurance plan that is paid into with each paycheck and those that try repeal these social programs usually refer to them as "entitlements".
Although Medicare is ripe with fraud & abuse and in need of a serious overhaul it would NOT be better if it was turned into a voucher program with insurance coming from the private sector.

What we really need is some progressive policy changes and a budget that levels the playing field with equal taxation across the board. No special interest exemptions to big oil & gas and no loopholes. Oh wait, here's something... A progressive caucus, what's up with that and why isn't the media getting behind this kind of stuff?

That's always the Republican plan, gut the middle and lower classes to appease their fat cat donors along with their own bank accounts. They have a well oiled propaganda machine that convinces people to vote against the country's interests and even their own interests in favor of the wealthiest American's interests by giving them effective tax rate of about 16% when they are paying around 30% and still keep the ones responsible for the disparity in office. The only thing possible is that I'm surrounded by idiots, especially in my home state of Texas where they vote & keep Republican in office time after time.
Oy, I feel for ya, living in Texas..some great music...
Politics has produced some real winners. Bush (although not native) could be in the running for the 'most heinous' category followed by Phil "Enron's bitch" Graham. Then there's the Gov Rick "we need to secede" Perry. There's a cornucopia of 'dim bulbs' like Louie Gohmert & Rand Paul that make you wonder why there isn't competency testing in congress.

BTW..thanks for taking time to comment..
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