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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hope everyone is enjoying a true 420 celebration. I'm envious...

Unfortunately today is the anniversary of largest oil spill in the Gulf in recent history.
200 million gallons of oil and 2 million gallons of Corexit, the Gulf never had a chance.
It is also hard to believe there hasn't been more problems in the Gulf with some 27,000 oil & gas wells haunting the seafloor. BP has been reported to be dragging their feet in settling the claims of victims.
The seafloor is dead, the seafood is poisoned and there is a mountain of dead birds, fish, turtles, whales and lately even baby dolphins. When will they learn?
More info @the Center for Biological Diversity.

The last note is that it is also the anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School.
Crazy stuff, hard to wrap your head around.

Kinda makes you want to burn one and savor the moment... I only wish that I could...

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