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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Shit Has Hit The Fan

The Japanese people have been inundated with disaster.
On Friday March 11 Mother Nature hit 'em with a 8.9 magnitude earthquake. The quake was followed by a city leveling tsunami. Thousands of people are dead with an estimated 10,000 missing. The power is out, the people have been devastated, cities are gone and on top of everything there are six potential nuclear disasters.

Link to Yahoo for donating to multiple organizations supplying aid to Japan.

There are six nuclear reactors in Fukushima.
Three reactors were offline for maintenance and three were shut down during the quake. All of them contain spent fuel rods. All of them in danger. The power has been off & on and as a result the water that cools the rods is not being circulated and some are even dry.
The reactor buildings are in bad shape, hydrogen has built up and caused explosions. Some are already leaking radiation. It's bad, it's real bad.

RT's Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert have reported that documents have surfaced stating that in 1972 three nuclear scientists that worked on the Japanese plant resigned because this reactor built by GE was so unsafe.
The US government and the Dept of Energy was also aware of this but chose to ignore the warnings because that would essentially make the nuclear industry extinct.
For decades scientists and environmentalists have warned that nuclear power was expensive, dirty & dangerous.
Our government subsidizes nuclear power because the private sector won' t because it's a bad investment.
It is absolutely insane to keep using nuclear power and even more insane to build any more.
The byproduct of this failed science experiment is referred to as 'radioactive toxic waste' and that is a big problem. A bigger problem is when governments (any government, ours, yours, theirs) take more caution to cover things up and control the flow of information rather than keep the people informed or actually take steps to remove nuclear power and the threats.
Here's Your Sign!

One Week Later, Fri. Mar/18, 2011

6900 killed
10750 missing
440,000 evacuated & homeless
850,000 no power
1.5 million no water
over 6k buildings destroyed

It is snowing and the temperature is near freezing.

>>>>>>>>>>March 26, 2011
Japan is struggling to control the radiation from the damaged reactors. Radiation levels have spiked in the air, the ground water and the sea water. Workers in the #3 reactor stepped in a pool of water that burned their skin and then tested as 10,000 times higher than normal.
This should be a shared concern by the entire world. Once the radiation hits the air & water it becomes a threat that is shared by all.
This is another nuclear wake up call.
What does it take before logic takes over and a policy of NO NUKES becomes the norm?

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