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Monday, January 03, 2011

Crocodile Tears

John Boehner sure does cry a lot. I wouldn't make fun of him if there were obvious circumstances at play or if I felt the guy had a sincere bone in his body, but I don't.
I do feel that he demonstrates some sort of emotional instability and with that in mind I repeat the call for some periodic competency testing for people in government, especially for those that demonstrate peculiar behavior.
I thought Reagan had problems when he hemmed & hawed, did a little bobble head action and then couldn't seem to remember what happened.
I think McCain acts like a man with the early onset of Alzheimer's.
Each displaying some sort of cognitive disconnect.
You can't (or shouldn't) have incompetent people serving on committees that make decisions about things they don't understand and anywhere near the legislative process.

What do these creeps have in common; George Bush, Glenn Beck & John Boehner?
Suck snot crybaby...
Weeper of the House....
Was he cryin' when passed out checks on the House floor from the tobacco lobby?

The Speaker of the House is potentially only a few steps away from being President.
Scary, huh?

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