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Monday, January 31, 2011

Bank Bailout Video You Must See & Share

If you are an American taxpayer, you must see this video so that you will understand what has happened and how we have been screwed.
Please watch the video and share it.

It is vital that people understand what has happened and who is responsible.

The people of Egypt have had enough of their corrupt government so they are staging a revolution.
It's about time "We the People" stage one of our own, break up "too big to fail" banks, lock up the banksters and seize their assets..

h/t- the Daily Bail

Our Government has poured trillions into these bailouts, doesn't this just burn your ass when these the hypocrites in Washington tell you we can't afford a single payer health care plan or when they repeat the word "deficit" over & over and with their next breath want to cut Medicare & Social Security?
We can afford all these things if our Government wasn't ripping us off!
More Goldman Sachs ripoff crap...

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