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Friday, November 05, 2010

I know how you feel...

I am sensing post-election depression. I feel it too. The anger and the frustration with a two party system that has been rigged and corrupted by corporate interests. Both parties suck and we had another election that left you feeling that you had to hold your nose and pick a candidate.
I like Dylan Ratigan's idea to have an optional... "None of the Above"...

The Dems "took back Congress" in 2006 and what happened?
Obama was elected two years ago based on a promise of "Hope & Change" and what happened?
Four years of opportunity squandered between them.

Now "The Party of No" has reclaimed some power. The same party that had brought this countries economy to it's knees. The same party that stopped legislation in the Senate but could come up with no new ideas, just more of the same. So what now?
Feels like salt rubbed in a wound...

Yeah I voted for him too...

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