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Sunday, October 17, 2010


No More Bank Bailouts Period!
First things first, prosecute from the top down and confiscate all the ill gotten gains. Too much time has gone by with these banking miscreants rewarding themselves with the biggest bonuses ever. These banksters perpetrated the biggest ripoff of the taxpayers in history and it is way past time for justice to be served.

The corporate whores of the Senate are poised for Round Two of bank bailouts
and we can't allow that to happen again.

The Dept of Justice and the SEC should have been processing the criminals behind the fraud that all but collapsed our economy since 2008 but NOOooo, there are apparently two systems of justice, one for me and you and one for the "too big to fail" wealthy elites.
Let's get the ball rolling by putting Bush appointee Hank Paulson behind bars. It really bugs me that these guys are still running free, enjoying life and all the money they made for themselves and their cronies.
from the Daily Bail ...

Also from the Daily Bail ...
<"Marcy Kapture Sticks an IED Inside Paulson and Then Presses 'Boom'>

More questions that demand answers...

Here's the proof so let's get started... Anybody?

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