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Friday, September 10, 2010

Remember 9/11 ?

On this anniversary of 9/11 please recognize how this rancid political process employs deception in the media. Using politics and ignorance to inflame fear and hatred of Muslims.
The events of 9/11 ushered in an era of false bravado that perpetrated a neocon agenda selling fear from "terrorists" and opening the door to a "War on Terror".

For weeks we have watched as anti-Muslim looney toon extremists protest the construction of a community center and Mosque in lower Manhattan.
As if that wasn't enough, another so-called preacher organizes a book burning for 9/11. The book is the Koran.
Do you remember when every bat shit crazy Muslim went nuts over the Danish cartoons of Muddyhamhead?
Fanatics with no apparent sense of humor came out of the freakin' woodwork to set the world on fire over cartoons!
What will happen if a media whore preacher throws a party and burns Korans?

If you remember the events of 9/11 then you may also remember there were a lot of people that didn't buy the story fed to the public and the media. Nor did people have any faith in the 9/11 Commission's pseudo investigation. It's been a long time with no resolve.
Too many questions left unexplained, left blowing in the wind like a false flag.

This article from Washington's Blog is good place to help you remember as we approach another anniversary of this tragic event...

9/11 Commissioners:

If even the 9/11 Commissioners don't buy the official story, why do you?

***follow to link the rest of the story***

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