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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What's so special about today?

Today is World Ocean Day.

Does this make you want to celebrate or vomit?

I want to send out a great big THANK YOU, no make that FUCK YOU to Dick Cheney, his associates at Halliburton and Big Oil for participating in secret energy meetings that relaxed or removed safety procedures. Blinded by greed the oil companies have wrecked the environment EVERYWHERE they go.
How about a great big FUCK YOU to the US government agencies that were SUPPOSED to be watching, regulating, fining and prosecuting these industrial miscreants.
The DOI, MMS, EPA, even Congress and the Senate who watched as these agencies were gutted of any good stewards yet continued to provide subsidies and tax breaks for hugely profitable huge polluters.
Let's not forget the Department of the Interior that continues to hand out leases for the exploitation of oil & gas to plunder even as the Gulf Coast is decimated by the latest disaster.

There are so many organizations dedicated to preserving the oceans, the marine life and habitats only to be ignored by corrupted branches of government and the government agencies in their purview.

Hats off to the scientists and the environmentalists who tried. Even any tree hugging, card carrying liberal that still has a passion for the great outdoors and this Blue Planet.

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