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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Earlier this week the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform, working on a BP well off the Louisiana coast, exploded and sank. With 11 people missing and feared to be dead the event released thousands of gallons of oil along the coast. The gigantic oil slick (about the size of West Virginia) threatens the coastline of Louisiana, Mississippi & Alabama. The Coast Guard is considering setting the oil slick on fire to prevent it from reaching land.
Ironic that the "Coast Guard" wants to 'guard the coast' by setting fire to an oil slick.
Not funny 'ha ha' but funny 'strange' and then what happens if the wind changes and blows the fire ashore?

All you meatheads that were behind McCain/Palin echoing the call to "Drill Baby Drill" please put a plastic bag over your head and wait for my phone call because that's what it is going to feel like for all the critters suffocating from oil in their lungs or the lack of O2 when they light this fiasco ablaze.

more from Reuters..
"So far the spill is not nearly as big as the Exxon Valdez disaster, which spilled about 11 million gallons (50 million litres) of oil into the Prince William Sound in Alaska in 1989. BP's well is spewing about 210,000 gallons (954,500 litres) of oil a day into the ocean, the Coast Guard estimates."
And we know what a cracker jack job Exxon did cleaning up that mess.
"Two decades later, there are still an estimated 21,000 gallons of that oil just below the surface."
(write this one down, I just linked to FoxNews... Oy)

Today (Apr.30th) it being reported that the oil has reached the shore and the well is estimated to be be leaking around 5k barrels a day.

Here is a slide show with a brief history of oil spills from HuffPo..

Contact the White House and tell Obama & Salazar NO MORE DRILLIN' !!!


More from the CENTER for BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY.. Gulf Disaster

This fiasco is going to be a bigger mess than the EXXON VALDEZ.
Finger pointing is part of due process in the blame game and it appears there is more than enough blame to go around.
>Haliburton had just completed the cementing of the well just 20hrs before the explosion @the Deepwater Horizon rig.
>the DOI headed by Salazar was negligent by not doing the detailed analysis (as required by law)and that would have required BP to present their 'plan' in regards to safety and reducing any environmental impact. Had the DOI or the MMS followed protocol and done the analysis they very likely would have denied BP the right to drill.
>Keith Olbermann refers to this disaster as "Cheney's Katrina" as a result of Cheney's secret energy meetings with the oil companies and deregulating safety protocols like the mandatory acoustic switches, which are remote detonation switches that can be blown to close a well on the ocean floor. The oil companies claimed the switches were too costly (est-$500k each).


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

As Mr. Suckling suggests in the video, Obama should ask Salazar to step down. We really don't need another piss poor environmental steward that thinks it's Ok to shoot wolves, herd (kill) wild horses with helcopters or open up the arctic to drilling.

At this point you have to ask why does Obama appoint a guy like Salazar to the DOI when he clearly has too many ties to oil companies and offshore drilling?
That would be like getting advise from Robert Rubin or Larry Summers on the banking crisis.
Oh yeah, he did that to..

As far Cheney's involvement you have to ask why isn't this treasonous son of a bitch's rotting corpse hanging from the fence outside the Senate?
You know, just to give the people inside a heads up...

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