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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3 Stooges

What do John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Harry Reid have in common?

All three of these dildos voted for the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the illegal occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan and to support Bush's illegal wiretapping program followed by telecom immunity. They weren't alone otherwise these assaults on the Constitution and civil liberties wouldn't have passed and there is plenty of blame to pass around.

The McCain bill opposes Net Neutrality. It's one of those bizarro bills with a name that says exactly the opposite. "The Freedom of Information Act" would block the FCC from protecting Net Neutrality .
McCain's bestus bud Lieberman tried to pull the same shit with "America's Climate Security Act" which doesn't have anything to do with Climate Security, just a divisive way to pour more taxpayer dollars into nuclear power. That bill died in the Senate, unfortunately Lieberman did not.

This is AGAIN one of those situations where the reps proposing a bill or sitting on a committee are NOT qualified to do either. During the '08 campaign John McCain was asked "MAC or PC" and stated he was "illiterate" and that he relied on his wife to use the internet.
He has demonstrated that he is very disconnected from the real world.
Should he even be proposing bills or sitting on committees?
Reminds me of Ted "series of tubes"Stevens.
Should he still be in public office?

Joe Lieberman threatens to filibuster health care reform. There are many in the line of obstructionists but Lieberman stands out as the guy who most likely stab you in the back to get more time in front of a camera. A totally corrupt political narcissist. Lieberman's wife lobbies for big pharma and Lieberman has an overwhelming amount of campaign contributions from the health care and pharmaceutical industries. Evan Bayh also opposes the public option, maybe because his wife sits on the board at Wellpoint.
Legalized corruption and bribery?

Harry Reid needs a testosterone supplement. He is supposed to lead but all he does is cower to the obstructionists. He won't stand up to the most ignorant of Republicans or even his own parties "Blue Dogs". The first rule of dog training is that you have to be smarter than the dog.
Dems have the votes and the power but Reid is shooting blanks.

With this kind representation we certainly won't see progressive change like a universal health care plan or an exit strategy OUT of Afghanistan.
We the people need a new plan and new progressive representation.
We need to vote out the washed up "old guards" and start fresh.
We need some real change.

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