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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Two thumbs up for Alaska

There is some good news on the Alaskan frontier, Sarah Palin is going to step down!
Wow, I bet you can see the polar bears and wolves smiling from Russia.

All the talking heads continue their best pontifications as to why she is resigning.
> Investigations, ethics complaints, legal fees, embezzlement charges.. (here is a buffet)
> Her family's exposure and ridicule in the media..(this is a tough one as she opened that door, repeatedly)
> Future political plans..(this one's almost funny.. maybe consider it after her remedial education)

I'm thinking she could make more money lobbying and keep the family out of the limelight. Picture her in the cheerleader garb shouting "Drill Baby Drill"!

I'm not sure that I care what the reason is, as long as she goes away.
Her appointment by team McCain revealed how grossly incompetent the vetting process was or that there were darker forces at work. Whenever dark forces are mentioned, I think of Cheney. You know, pull back the curtain and find there is no wizard, just a disturbed little man.
I had wondered if Cheney had used his influence to get Sarah on the McCain ticket. Palin has even been referred to as "Dick Cheney In A Dress" and they share an obsession with oil.
There is a story that she flew in for the Republican Governor’s Energy Conference (a reported 'closed door' forum) in Texas, her water broke, she went to the meeting and spoke for 30 minutes, then flew back home to have her baby. The connection can be made that it was Rick Perry's event and he is Cheney's son in-law but still you have to wonder, what was so important that Palin might risk her pregnancy to fly in for this secret meeting with Big Oil and who pulls the strings behind curtain?

After Ted Stevens and Sarah Palin I hope the people of Alaska wake up and smell their pristine environment was being exploited. The wolves need a break and so do the bears. Here's hoping the next powers that be are good stewards in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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