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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Universal healthcare

Where is OUR single payer universal health care?

Congress and the Senate has it..
Canada has it..
Brazil has it..
Cuba has it..
England has it..
France has it..
Germany has it..
Taiwan has it..
etc, etc the list goes on..

Our system of government is apparently so badly broken when the blatant hypocrisy of our so-called representatives is demonstrated by their allegiance to Insurance companies and Big Pharma but continue to deny health care for the citizens they swore to represent.
Congress and the Senate continue to ignore the needs and the will of the people and they need to be put on notice.
They continue to embrace those corporations that donate money to their reelection campaigns.
They show no compunction about spending trillions to rescue banks from their own greed and mismanagement but we are denied health care for all.
They spend trillions to invade, build bases, occupy and destroy foreign countries but we can't have universal health care.

Just how fucked up is our government?
It's not about Democrats or Republicans, together they share in this immoral imperative.
We must start over. Replace these 'lifers' that have forgotten who they serve and where they came from.
Vote out the liars and thieves. Cut their benefits and kick them to the curb.
We need term limits, campaign finance reform and very strict rules for lobbies.

Arlen Specter is a good example of what makes these delusional SOB's tick.
He openly admitted that he would change parties because he felt with all the problems of the Republican party, that he could not get reelected. But he won't support Democrats.
Pulled a 'Lieberman' he did. So obsessed with the need to get reelected he will do whatever it takes.
I wish he and Lieberman would take a long walk off a short pier. They would not be missed.

The corporate whores in Washington need a wake up call. They need emails, phone calls, letters and petitions to flood the hill.

more info from other sources..

Get Out in the Streets and FIGHT for Universal, Single Payer Health Care

Missing in Action on Healthcare?
@The Nation

The Promise of Universal Health Care: An Open Letter to President Obama
@ HuffPo.. as Dr. Mohit points out in this article, a nonprofit, single payer system would save about a trillion each year..
So now what's your excuse big ears?

Canadian friend is not so enthrawlled with the system. she had to wait 6 mo to have knee surgery. Just saying.
There may be problems with the Canadian system as well as others but at least they have a system.

My main problem with the representatives in the US is they HAVE benefits that are paid for by the tax payers but come off as delusional hypocrites when denying the needs of so many that suffer from no coverage.
It's not fair. No quid pro quo..
Oh boy do I agree with you! And, Lets not even start on Their retirement system. I guarantee if they had to face Social Security in the future it would not be on the verge of extinction!
The representatives have an advantage across the board (IE.. health care, pension, COLA etc..).

It appears to be human nature when after years of being spoiled by a system of comfortable protections they forget where they came from and the needs of the people.
The present system is corrupted and desperately in need of an overhaul.
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