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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Truth Commission ?

Senator Leahy wants a 'Truth Commission' to investigate the Bush administration.
I am all for the investigation, prosecution and punishment to full extent of the law but what Mr. Leahy proposes suggests immunity for some who come forward to testify. Neither Congress nor the Senate has a reputation for getting results with these pseudo commissions and I can't stomach the idea of immunity for any member of the Bush crime family.

What we need is an independent investigation done with full disclosure of ALL the nasty stuff that surfaces. None of that 'cover it up' bullshit because it's a secret or under the guise of national security.
Senator Leahy also has a petition he wants you to sign but no, I won't provide a link because I want a petition that will stop them from making deals and using immunity or refusing full disclosure in the name of national security.

Nancy Pelosi was on Rachael Maddow(that sounds funny), well not on her but on her show for an interview and one issue discussed was Leahy's proposed commission and immunity which had Pelosi concerned as well. I can't say that I have agreed with Pelosi on anything but this interview with Maddow was good and changed my view of Pelosi a little.

I have done nothing but curse the democrats for not stopping Bush invading Iraq, continually funding the occupation, the warrantless wiretaps, allowing no-bid contracts to Halliburton and KBR, violations of the Constitution and exploiting civil rights to name but a few. Sometimes I curse the democrats but forget that the main problem has been the republican playbook written by Gingrich which employs obstruction as a tool.
Things haven't changed much as demonstrated by the republican hypocrites that opposed Obama's stimulus package with a vote but have their hand out the next day. An economic problem that started with Reagan and 'trickled down' w/Bush41 but eventually turned into a giant boil that popped under Bush43.

*** UPDATE ***
@ AfterDowningStreet.org they have a petition...
This petition is for individuals and groups but requires a login.
Please check it out as this is the only one that I have found that addresses the Leahy Truth Commission as a "whitewash" and that's the truth.

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