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Monday, January 12, 2009

What is wrong with Israel & Palestine?

The 17th day of Israel's assault on Gaza and the violence continues as the death toll exceeds 900.
"On Sunday, Cairo upped the pressure on Israel by summoning its ambassador to demand that the Jewish state comply with last week's UN Security Council resolution and open humanitarian corridors to relieve the besieged territory."

The UN has condemned the reckless disregard for civilian casualties.
Israel has bombed two schools.
The UN has also condemned the occupation of Palestine's land and is considered "the root cause of Palestine's aggression."
The Human Rights Watch has also reported Israel's use of white phosphorus bombs.

I have to wonder who thought this small sliver of land would be a good place to position mortal enemies?

Why the division of the West Bank and Gaza with Israel around the perimeter?

The geography only seems to enable Israel's control through check points and continued encroachment onto Palestinian soil. It seems more like the design of a prison camp with all the walls, fences and check points.
In Israel's defense this "prison camp" is strategically a fantastic place to round up and starve or shoot your enemies.

This conflict isn't really about religion any more, is it?
I used to think this was a war between Jews and Muslims or Jews and Arabs.

What is wrong with a religious belief that makes people think it is OK to sacrifice woman and children in an act of war?
Early into this conflict people around the world were protesting civilian casualties but no one is listening.

Rational thought and reasonable thinking from a Politician?
You betcha... Here's Dennis..

and another thing..
Who and what is Hamas?

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