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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Waitin' on Tuesday..

On Tuesday 1/20/09 Barack saddles up and George gets dehorsed.
Hard to believe we had to put up with Dumbya and his posse of criminal cronies for EIGHT YEARS!
Hats off and thanks to inept representation.

“Fundamentally dishonest and woefully incompetent” kinda sums it up...

**UPDATE 01/20/09**
Ok, today is a new day and the Bush/Cheney crime family has left the building.
Obama is in the house!
It is time for all the whistle blowers to "Come on Down". Let's record some statements, followed by investigations and prosecutions!
C'mon, times a waistin'!
There has to be a bunch of people waiting to come forward and testify about broken rules, broken trust and broken laws. People in the EPA, DoJ, FBI & CIA (scratching the surface) must have stories to tell after years watching this cabal unfold like a bad dream.
Anybody got emails to share?
Who wants to go first?

**UPDATE 01/24/09**
Here is something we already knew but it's nice to have it confirmed and only 24 hours after the Bush/Cheney crime family vacated the White House..
Hope there will be lots more to follow..

"On Jan. 21, former U.S. intelligence official Russell Tice appeared on MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" and broke a sobering bit of news that, sandwiched between Obama's inauguration and sweeping executive orders, went largely ignored by the media: Under the Bush administration's notorious warrantless spying program, not only did the NSA eavesdrop on millions of Americans, it turns out it specifically targeted "U.S. news organizations, reporters and journalists."

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