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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

There's a Magic Negro?

Big story.. Really important stuff.. Not..
Apparently once upon a time Rush (large bag of snot) Limbaugh had a guy on who had made up a little ditty to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon" but used "Barack the Magic Negro" instead.
Big deal right. A little tongue in cheek satire with some color.
Well here we go again. You would think Imus had called a girls basketball team "nappy headed ho's".
Chip Saltsman ( a candidate for the RNC chair) had put together a CD for his pals at the RNC for Christmas and one of the tracks is the "Barack the Magic Negro" tune. As a result all those with PC soap boxes have their panties in a bunch. People get bent out shape for some of the weirdest stuff.

Are we so politically correct, no one can have a laugh?
I mean really, isn't humor subjective?
It may not seem appropriate to some people but then no big deal or even funny to others.
Again, it's subjective.
Michelle may sing the same tune when Barack comes out of the shower for all we know.

People were rightly upset when Palin suggested Obama was a terrorist but that wasn't a joke. That was dirty politics employed by a fundie twit who had no business in that arena in the first place.
Rappers and comedians use "nigga please" all the time. Until the double standard disappears then the complainers need to shut up. There are plenty of songs about rednecks, pimps and ho's and you don't hear them complaining.

New Years resolution suggestion... Lighten up people...

Have a Happy New Year and be safe... Cheers!

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