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Monday, November 03, 2008

One More Day to Decide

Some of you may still be trying to decide which candidate(s) to vote for. Many people have already come to a decision and voted early(excellent opportunity). I find it kind of mind numbing that McCain & Palin still have support but I felt the same when the idiots voted for Bush/Cheney.

For those of you still considering McCain/Palin I have some questions.

Did you vote for Bush in 2000?
If so then maybe we can write that one off as a mistake and maybe you realized that you should have done more research into his career.
IE..He set the record for most executions by any Governor in American history.
....Bought the Texas Rangers baseball team in a sweetheart deal that took land (abusing eminent domain) and tax-payer money.

Did you vote for Bush & Cheney in 2004?
Ok this one is unforgivable. By this time this administration had a growing list of blatant lies, misappropriations, abuses of power and violations of the oath of office and our Constitution. The war crimes that started with the preemptive invasion and occupation of Iraq, torture and the use of "bunker busters" of which the heads contain depleted uranium. The UN calls these acts unconscionable war crimes.
So if you voted for Bush/Cheney in 2004 you owe the American people and those around the world that were affected by your vote an apology. Perhaps you should sit this one out unless you have done wayyyy more research and have pulled your head out of your ass.

You may say this rant is about Bush/Cheney, what about McCain?
McCain has voted to support BushCo every step of this cabal.
90% of McCain's votes supported the Bush doctrine.
In my area of NC add two more tools to the list.
Elizabeth Dole 92%, Robin Hayes 90%.
This can be a handy way to determine if it's time to change your representation. If their votes have supported Bush's efforts to wreck this nation and steal it blind then get rid of them.

McCain voted for the Patriot Act as well as the "reauthorized" version in '06.
This is probably the single biggest threat to our civil liberties and only serves to magnify the abuse of power.
He voted to extend the "Bush Tax Cuts" for the wealthiest 1%.
He continues to support the occupation in Iraq by voting "yes" for funding only when the bill contains no timetable for withdrawal.

In more ways than one he is a hypocrite.
He is an old guy yet he votes against Medicare and Prescription drug help for seniors.
He is a veteran yet he votes against funding better equipment for the troops and better health care for the vets in need.

And then there is Sarah Palin.. WOW, what a choice for VP.. Don't get me started..
She wants to open up ANWR and "drill baby drill". Exploiting a pristine area in the interest of "Big Oil".. NO, no thank you..
And she thinks it's OK to hunt wolves from helicopters?
Do any of you conservationally concerned, environmental perverts support this?
C'mon, really? McCain/Palin.. We CAN DO better..

Obama is not the progressive agent of change I had hoped for(Kucinich) but he is miles ahead of McCain in so many ways. After watching BushCo ignore rights and freedoms and then listening to all the sophomoric crap that came out of Bush's mouth
I will gladly accept a smart guy that actually thinks as he talks and is willing to listen as well. He shows promise and at this juncture I can appreciate that

One final note if anyone reads this and can actually speak to Obama please tell him to STFU about "Clean Coal". There is no such thing and it makes him sound like a corporate tool.

Please Be Aware...

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