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Saturday, September 13, 2008

War Crimes Conference

This morning I stumbled upon a most grand event, a War Crimes Conference being held today and tomorrow in Andover Mass. The event will feature a "who's who"of political and legal minds.

"The conference will explore the legal grounds for, and plan for, obtaining prosecutions of President Bush and top officials of his Administration for war crimes."

Perhaps the most encouraging words I've read in years.

Here is a live feed link @ Ustream.TV..
Click the link and then about half way down the page on the left are 14 clips.
They are arranged newest from Sunday to oldest at the beginning on Saturday. It's a little confusing as they are not tagged with descriptions and a couple have little or no content and one has no sound. If you do not like the format with streaming comments on the right you can click the link "warcrimes Video Clips"in the Show info box and that will take you to a page with the clips (and you can change the arrangement) and a simpler screen page.

Here is better link.. The Real News Network.. and they even have sound..

Live TV by UstreamThere are a number of speakers, some are writers and journalists, some are lawyers and some are academics. The clips are about half an hour to an hour or more but well worth your time. There is also Q&A with the audience. Some was not pertinent to the point of the conference but it was encouraging to see how many different organizations shared interest in one way or another.

things I didn't know..
Peter Weiss (Center for Constitutional Rights) stated that in 1995 at the International Court (Hague) declared nuclear weapons illegal. He said they determined "the threat and use of nuclear weapons to be a shock to the conscience".
Mark Anderson (American Free Press) stated the 4000 plus reported deaths of soldiers in Iraq represents those "killed in action" and not those that died after the fact which would bring the number up to 160, 000 plus.

It's hard to get an accurate report on the number of civilians that have died but the number appears to be somewhere between 655,000 and 1.2 million. This makes me sick.

I certainly hope this cause sprouts wings and SOON!
It is hard to comprehend why Bush hasn't been stopped and why the Congress continues to fund this illegal occupation. As long as the military industrial complex continues to rule corporate America through Congress and their lobbyist cohorts, we can only expect more of the same.

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