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Friday, March 14, 2008

This News is VERY Important!

Admiral William Fallon, the U.S. Centcom Commander has stepped down.
As Centcom Commander he oversaw strategies in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. On a daily basis he could be found in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The admiral was put under pressure by an article in Esquire magazine that portrayed him as a dissenter willing publicly to oppose the president's line on Iran.
The Commander has spoken up several times at Congressional hearings and to the press the past year to suggest a military confrontation with Iran would be ill advised.

Jim Miklaszewski, NBC News Chief Pentagon Correspondent
"WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon sharks are circling CENTCOM Commander Adm. William "Fox" Fallon for a magazine interview in which he appears to openly criticize President Bush on the administration's Iran policy. The very public comments raised speculation Fallon would either volunteer or be forced to resign."
Most military leaders are against military strike on Iran.
"Gates has said publicly and privately that under current conditions he's opposed to war with Iran. Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen is also against it. In fact, almost every senior military officer we've talked to is against launching military strikes against Iran, because as one senior official told us, "then what do you do?"

He has served only one year as Centcom Commander but the Admiral's advise has repeatedly fallen on deaf ears. Here is a man that demonstrated patience and the ability to engage those in conflict with diplomacy, which is not a tactic shared by the spastic sable rattlers in the White House. He did feel increasing the number of troops in Iraq was not the best strategy (the "Surge") which put him at odds with Petraeus and Bush.
"The simple perception that there is makes it difficult for me to effectively serve America's interests there," he said in a statement.

You know what happened to "Eric Shinseki".
It's pretty bad when the "If you're not with us, you're against us" mentality rears it's ugly head against our own Commanders.

The series of events that have unfolded that have me worried started when they "accidentally" flew live nukes from Minot AFB in North Dakota over the US(as opposed to around the coastline)straight to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana which they use as the Iraq jump point.
That 'accident' should have been a 'wake up call'!
Follow that event with Admiral Fallon being pushed out and what do you think will happen next?

Our army is not strong enough to support another invasion, so what are the options if war is your prime directive?
I fear the neocons will have no compunction about using nukes in Iran.
I hope that I am wrong and just being paranoid.

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