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Saturday, February 02, 2008

What if ?

I have tried to watch the debates (both sides) and have found it very difficult.
Either the format and moderators are screwed up or the candidates are.
Sometimes it's the moderators pandering to a favorite or being antagonistic with absurd questions that seem more personal and less about any of the important issues. And they really need better clocks because it doesn't appear the moderators know or even care about equal time for each candidate.
Tim Russert comes off like he's mad and the questions seem leading, loaded or like he's just trying to start something with "he said, she said" crap.
Chris Matthews come off like a sophomoric douchbag.
Wolf Blitzer is just weak. No timing, no cohones and he needs to go back out in the field to find a real journalist.
And then there is CNN with "Clean Coal" ads... It's like salt on a wound... OY!

Don't get me started with them excluding candidates. That one really pisses me off when they start deciding who is "viable"! It's a little depressing to see the MSM and the parent companies get away with manipulating our democratic process without repercussions.

I'm really sorry Kucinich is gone as he was the one candidate that I felt would make some REAL progressive changes. I'm also sorry to see Edwards and Dodd leave as they may been my second and third choices.

I absolutly don't want to continue this dynasty of Bush, Clinton, Bush and another Clinton. It doesn't feel right and not what I look for in regards to progressive change. I see Hillary as a corporate democrat or republican-lite.

Watching the republicans; especially McCain; beating the war drums and how every point made has to framed with fear makes me think he is delusional and needs help. I'm glad to see Rudy and Fred gone. Rudy's never ending 9/11 babble got old fast and Fred just came off like a dullard.
McCain is a little scary from a war mongering neocon angle and Huckabee has that crazy look in his eye of a religious fanatic and that also scares me.

What if before they start these screwed up campaigns and waste all that money, these folks should have to complete a physiological profile to determine if they are insane.
It might save alot of time and money.
And in the case of the Bush/Cheney cabal, could have saved some LIVES!

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