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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let Down by the Senate...Again..

The Senate again failed miserably to protect the people and our Constitution.
The FISA bill from the Judiciary Committee would have taken HUGE steps in finally someone somewhere holding the White House accountable for the breaking the law.
But no, they neutered that one only to push the Intelligence Committee(now that's an oxymoron) version which was lame in the first place.

So here is the deal.. another ACTION ALERT..link to Firedoglake.
Sign the petition that tells Congress to push the RESTORE ACT thru NOW!

At the bottom of the petition is a place for your comment and here is mine..
"We are at a crucial turning point.
The current administration has ignored the oath of office repeatedly and without consequence.
It is up to you to defend our rights and the Constitution as the oath of office dictates.
Please do not fail us as miserably as the current administration and the Senate has already done.
Justice must be served now!
Either you are going to be part of the solution or you are part of the problem. "

here is another ACTION ALERT !
I have signed some petitions(impeach bush/cheney, no drilling in the Arctic, etc..) and because of that I get email updates with action alerts.
I received one from the care2 petition site in regards to a bill sponsored by Lieberman-Warner. As soon as I saw Lieberman's name; well you know; red flags and shit.
This bill is another classic misnomer "America's Climate Security Act".
Does this ring any bells like "No Child Left Behind" or "The Patriot Act"or "The Clean Skies Initiative", well you get the picture.
A bill with a name that promotes the exact opposite.
A "bizarro" bill it is and this one would provide BILLIONS for more nuclear power!
So if you see a petition that supports "America's Climate Security Act", just say NO.
Here is a link to more info and the RIGHT petition to shoot this thing down.

Jim, you didn't leave me an email address with your comment at my post on the critique of Lieberman-Warner, so I thought I would reply here in hopes that you will get it. I tried the link for the petition. If you left the correct one, then it is no longer available.
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