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Monday, January 29, 2007

Get Rid of George Bush Now !

This should be the the main message to Congress and the Senate.
Get Rid of George Bush Now !

I don't want any more bullshit debates or investigations into this pisspoor excuse of an administration !

STOP THEM NOW !!! Investigate and prosecute later but stop this madness now!

How could anyone watch the State of the Union Address (SOTUA) and not puke.
All the back slappin' and butt kissin' served up as another MSM staged event.
Just another opportunity for George to stand up, look into the camera and lie to the people AGAIN !
He panders to the crowd and then he panders to Pelosi.
All the pomp and circumstance of a little girls first cotillion. Almost every member contributed to the facade. All the feigned enthusiasm with each sentence uttered by the idiot son.
There had to be cue cards and an applause sign to direct the pinheads as they performed "a dance for the dictator".
I mean DAMN, every time the idiot opened his mouth the puppets stand and applaud him!
Over and over all the way to the end of the show and finish with an autograph session... WTF ?

There is obviously NO system of checks and balances in place or this administration couldn't have evolved into the single and most dangerous threat to the safety and security of the free world.
This is not the first time Bush lied in a SOTUA. He tried to fortify the effectiveness of his "War on Terror" by lying about four acts of terror that his people thwarted.
All lies, spins and misinformation served up in an attempt to self promote.
Nothing new here, same shit different day.

This administration has lied repeatedly...No accountability and no punishment.
The preemptive invasion of Iraq was a lie to cover up a more insidious plan to embed a US presence that will allow Big Oil a larger stake of the Mid Easts' oil.
So now we are faced with a broken army and a huge debt.
And that really doesn't even address the loss of life and limb as we watch the Iraqis safety and security melt down into a civil war.

As I said before.. STOP BUSH NOW !!!

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