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Thursday, June 01, 2006


My posts/rants seem to have gotten few and far between.
Confusion clouds my mind. There are so many issues I find consuming and each with so much info to read. Politics has become a bad word because most of the people involved are so damn bad.
I can't believe Bush43 is still in office. What does it take to get some action?
Oh I forgot, most of Congress and the Senate is just as fucked up as the White House.
Dirty rotten scoundrels... Part of the problem.. Certainly not the solution..
Bush43 continues to break the law, ignores Congress and violates the Constitution.
So what are your elected officials doing about it? NOTHING!!!
They are more concerned about flag burning and gay marriage.
Gimme a break..
We the people can elect and reelect the worst representation without fail.

It's time to clean house.
No more republicans (like I even had to say that) and no more democrats.
Let's go green or some other independent choice that actually cares about the planet and the people.
This global corporate whoring has got to stop. Power and greed feed the need.
Whether it is the Carlyle Group manipulating the world of finance and defense contracts or P.N.A.C. manipulating the political theatre for profit and corporate domination these groups of power hungry war profiteers has to be stopped.

I will have to review the history and all the players behind this global political/corporate malfeasance. As I stated there is so much info to digest.
In the mean time please vote out the incumbents and search for new representation that has no ties to the present administration.
The present administration are the poster children for power, greed and corruption.

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