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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Biggest Threat

What is the biggest threat we face today?

Is it the environment and global warming?
Absolutely. You can't ignore Mother Nature!
CO2 could possibly be our biggest threat.
As we continue to produce CO2, turning our atmosphere into a greenhouse as the planet warms and the ice melts, storms rage across the oceans more fierce with each season.
More and more people burning more fuel in homes and cars. Cities are burning coal for power and countries are burning rainforests to raise livestock to feed more and more people.
The population swells and with this unbridled growth comes problems like disease, famine and war.

Is George Bush & Co. the biggest threat?
Yes, right now, the immediate future and last 5 years ?
If left to his own devices Dubya could ignite a nuclear event with Iran or whoever is next on his list.
That would really warm things up and bring about even more climate change.
When the Terror Alerts are pumped out from BushCo; don't be distracted; it's just their way to shake things up while they engage some other corporate malfeasance.
They would rather start a war, spend your tax dollars so their corporate alliances can profit from the conflict.
Why use diplomacy when you can make money with war?

So, what is the biggest threat?

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