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Friday, January 20, 2006

The Rape of Information Act

So what's next ? Or who's next?
Big Brother wants to know your personal info off the NET???
They hide behind "Hunting for Porno" but is this a disguise!!!
Yes another cloak and dagger attempt to get more of your personal info.
Are you really surprised?
BushCo is already engaged in illegal wiretaps.

All of this activity is but another infiltration of your personal information as a result of the so called "Patriot Act". Engineered to find terrorists activities.
Terrorists involved in Child Pornography???
Another distraction? DUH..

Can't find Bin Laden (after a dozen videos..hiding in Afghanistan on dialysis).
So let's ask the ISPs to tell us "Who likes to surf for porn?"
Be very careful you could be victim to an illegal wiretap to be sure.
If they feel the need, they will break into your house and either secure some "evidence" or if need be plant some, then return with the "legal subpoena".

Praise be to GOOGLE for holding strong!!!
MSN, Yahoo and AOL Gave You Up... Low life SNITCHES...

There was a story that Yahoo gave up info to Chinese officials about protest emails and the Chinese Government gave the guy 10 years.Ooooo... Civil discourse... Look Out...
WOW!! Thanks for the customer service!

Be Aware Citizen...Be Very Aware...Big Brother is Watching..
Now they are trying to follow those that surf porn...
Could be those looking up medical marijuana..
Or buying ammunition.. Damn, hide the guns..
Or an alternative religion... God forbid..

Pleeeease don't fade away and ignore this agregious invasion into your right to privacy and the erosion of your civil liberties..
If you ignore these atrocities they will consume you and all of our inalienable rights..

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