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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

In Harm's Way

What do you do when the current administration by way of the Commander in Chief puts you and the future of this country 'In Harms Way'?
'In Harms Way' is usually a phrase applied to military personnel on the front line.
The U.S. forces are damn sure in harms way in Iraq and the American people at home from BushCo and the illegal spy network in place.
The Army , Navy, Marines and yes even the National Guard are in a bad way because of the decisions made by the current administration. These decisions that continue to contribute to loss of life and limb are certainly political as there is no logical explanation for the invasion and occupation of Iraq.
The National Guard have no business on the the front line of this occupation.
They should have been and need to be on home turf. The U.S has experienced a number of natural disasters this past year that would have benefited from the presence of the National Guard. Definitely wrong for them to be on foreign soil for the misguided agenda of BushCo.

The planners of the Iraq fiasco Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld; guilty of an invasion and without an exit strategy remains a hopeless occupation; should tried for war crimes.
Bush and Cheney should be tried for war crimes against the people of Iraq and treason against the people of the U.S..

You can't swing a dead cat on Capitol Hill without hitting a corrupt politician.
The U.S. Government is in dire straits with no moral compass.

'Robber Barons' is as old expression that has resurfaced because of the actions that politicians have taken to protect the interests and profits of corporate America.
Big Oil company execs lie openly to Congress about meeting with Cheney.
Commerce Chairman Ted Stevens vehamently objected to swearing in the Big Oil Boys.
Why? Because he represents their interests, not yours.
Another corrupt lifer politician too long in the game.

Benefits to Vets are cut and Medicare payments reduced yet BushCo continues to spend a path into the most monumental deficit in history but can't fund national healthcare.
We talk about the high cost of drugs and problems with bringing cheaper phamaceuticals in from Canada.
Why do we have to go thru Canada?
Because the lobbyists of Big Pharma have paid for the support of your elected officials.

The U.S. was once revered as the land of opportunity.
Little did we know that opened the door for the Robber Barons to steal your benefits and sell you out to special interests to fill their coffers.
But no more, now the world has a dim view of America and its modus operandi.
Bush will lie and continue to spy until the U.S. lies in ruin.

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