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Monday, October 31, 2005

Musical Chairs.. Part one

Early last week the lil'dictator had a little more air let out of his inflated ego as Harriet Miers threw in the towel for that inner circle nomination.
Today a new nomination for Supreme Court Judge; Samuel Alito; and he is actually a Judge.
WOW, a nomination with credentials! Hardline conservative credentials.
I think we are in for another fight.

Another item later last week, Cheney's right hand man "Scooter" Libby was charged and then resigned leaving America with the hope that more charges will follow the evildoers @BushCo.
I had posted the following comments on a couple message boards in regard to the Plame Investigation.
"Libby works for Cheney..
Cheney works for Bush..
Rove works for Bush..
Bush is supposed to work for us but not really..
Bush reads bad intel in state of the union address..
Ambassador Wilson investigates and declares Bush info as misinformation..
They hate bad PR and start a spin..
I can just hear Cheney saying "Fukem"(referring to Wilson/Plame)..
Documents and reports are falsified, leaks are made to the right people and the
spin unfolds..

It still amazes me to read articles and the comments from pinheads that totally deny and defend the actions of this administration. Ignoring any and all facts that connect Dubya's inner circle to a plethora of spins, lies and misinformation.
People continue to bring up Clinton and his prosecution.
Clinton lied about getting a blow job in oval office.
Bush and cronies have lied and denied outing a CIA agent and that is treason!
Starr's investigation of Clinton seemed like a witch hunt driven by the religious right and costing the taxpayers $60 million.
Fitzgerald's investigation; while trying to round up this bunch for lies and treason; so far has cost $700k.
Do the math people..

There was a comment to another Plame Investigation article on Huffington Post that I read over the weekend but failed to find it again this morning to provide a link.
The guy made reference to the efforts of two characters, one dumb bordering on retarded he was calling Bush but now referred to as "PINKIE" and the other was the evil mastermind behind all their schemes.
He used to call Cheney but now referred to as "THE BRAIN".
Pinkie said "What are we going to do tonight Brain?"
and Brain responds "The same thing we do every night Pinkie!"

Is Google ready to rumble with the ad industry?
Google is preparing to take on Madison Avenue, according to articles in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal that caught the attention of bloggers this weekend.
Find out how to buy and sell anything, like things related to quality assurance highway construction on interest free credit and pay back whenever you want! Exchange FREE ads on any topic, like quality assurance highway construction!
Your customers are doing it - are you?
To blog or not to blog... your customers are doing it. The question is - are you? Blogs are a force to be reckoned with.
Find out how to buy and sell anything, like things related to road construction safety equipment on interest free credit and pay back whenever you want! Exchange FREE ads on any topic, like road construction safety equipment!
Crap nothing but crap..

I had to employ the log-in with a magic word..
Thanks again..Enjoy
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