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Monday, October 24, 2005

Appointees @ BushCo

No experience necessary.. OJT provided..
Yes it looks like any friend of George can get a job.
George says but they are good people but George is a deluded pinhead and lacks the ability to make good decisions for the benefit of this country.
He doesn't realize that his inner circle; no matter how loyal they have been; are not the right people for these positions he keeps trying to fill!
The list goes on and on. Some have already been credited with screw ups within the positions they now hold.

*Rumsfeld has real history in Iraq and with Saddam. As the political envoy that shook hands and sold helicopters to Saddam. An embarrassment for the US in the world theatre of war.
Engaging in war with no plan. What arrogance!
A war that has turned into the most costly occupation of our time! A true master of double speak that can't or won't own up and accept responsablity for the quagmire he and his cronies created.

*Rice was a terrible failure as National Security Advisor. Her failure to heed the warnings from Richard Clarke and the previous administration was grounds for removal not for promotion!
Along with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld lying to the American people about the WMDs.
Just how stupid are the American people? When you consider the ongoing campaign,
Condi for President '08, makes us look stupid as a group.

*Gonzales has yet to clear up or own up to his Torture Memo.
Some choice for Attorney General and another master of double speak you can't get a straight answer from. Highest ranking legal officer in the system..
WOW..What a guy! What a role model!

*Bolton's appointment to the UN, now that was strategic.
Already noted Bolton's contempt for the UN, perhaps this hot head is ready to fight.
With diplomacy on the back burner better try management thru intimidation to improve US relations.

*Karen Hughes is one of Dubya's favorite spinners. Between her and Rove who do you feel better serves up lies and misinformation? From reporter to spin Dr. to Under Secretary of State Ambassador for Public Affairs?
Who do you have to blow to get these jobs?

*Michael Brown will go down in history as the FEMA guy who could fuck up a hurricane.
George says "Brownie, you're doin' a heck of job"
Must have been alot tougher than the Arabian Horse Association. Oh yeah, they fired you to.

And the latest..
*Harriet Miers.. Lawyer, friend and coworker in BushCo for over 10 years.
(10 years seems to be the magic #)
Never been a judge, so why?
Maybe because she is also born again and like George is On a Mission from God.

One constant with Bush & Co, you can tell when they are lying because their lips are moving.
No one better at standing up in front of the media and telling bold face lies (aka.White House Press Releases) than White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan.
It is hard to comprehend why any media even shows up for these pseudo briefings.
Well except for Jeff(bend over Karl and tell me a secret)Gannon.

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