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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Federal Emergency Management

Soon after Katrina hit and all the problems that followed I began to worry about the way "things would be handled".
Within my poor deluded mind hide a lot of paranoia and conspiracy theories.
Up front with any kind of mass confusion there are those that see an opportunity.
Those folks that lack any moral compass or sense of guilt. Those that might look to profit from the losses of others.
Sometimes corporations and developers move in and buy up property for the next big ocean front condo project, casino or amusement park.
When the Government, any Government starts to hand out jobs and money I become a little paranoid. My state of mind is to some degree a product of my environment and possibly the actions of the present administration. IE..Haliburton/KBR..
Any truth to the rumors of no bid contracts ?
What will happen to the displaced people ?
Can or will they eventually return ?

Who's idea is it repay churches for offering shelter ?
Using taxpayer money to repay a church is against the rules !
Isn't that what churches are for ? Faith, Hope & Charity ?

Who will keep a check on unnecessary and overpriced purchases of goods and services ?
IE..$236m to Carnival Cruise Lines for ships that are sitting half-full.

Who will monitor payments and contracts for the rebuild ?
Reported Homeland Security will carefully watch and attempt to cut thru any red tape without breaking any laws.
Historically Homeland Security doesn't share my priorities. IE..Post 9/11 rather than securing our ports and borders they busted Tommy Chong for selling bongs on the internet.

The cliche is that you can't let the fox guard the henhouse..
That would kinda be like letting Bush investigate his own people for a piss poor 1st response to Katrina..Ooops, oh yeah my mistake..
Homeland Security..Are we safer ? Doesn't feel like it..
FEMA=Federal Emergency Management ? No, it doesn't look like it..

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