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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Vacation of Politics

Congress passes one of the worst bills ever.. The new "Energy Bill"..
And who's interests does the Congress represent ? Well Oil it seems..
Yeah oil and big corporations that struggle to make ends meet and need more tax breaks, more subsidized research and more write offs for exploration.
There are so many special interest concerns that I don't know where to start.
> $500 Million for research
> $2.7 Billion in tax breaks
Hell Exxon only posted $7.6 Billion in 2 nd quarter profits !
It's estimated the write offs will cost tax payers $974 Million over the next 2 years.
Please just do away with the damned IRS and the present tax system and there won't need to be any "tax breaks" !

If there are Millions or even better Billions around to spend, why they can't they find and fund programs for the tax paying citizens..IE ..soc/sec, health care etc ???

After all that hard work they are due for a vacation.. Yeah right..
Even Dubya takes yet another vacation and heads back to Crawford.
But before he left, since Congress was out, he went ahead and appointed Bolton to the U.N..
A little end around play, since they didn't like his "boy".

The way this guy continues to abuse the power and the position is amazing.
I wonder what color the sky is in his world ?
Sometimes it seems his head is so far up his ass that his feet should sticking out his big Texas ears.

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