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Monday, August 29, 2005

Dubya says "We're makin' progress"

George actually left Crawford.
Interrupted his vacation (anything to avoid meeting with Cindy Sheehan again) to meet with the National guard.
It is amazing what he will do and say to try to repair his image.
He really has some balls to stand up in front of the National Guard after all they have been put thru in Iraq. Then he has the audacity to try to form a bond with their plight by comparing his service with the Air National Guard.
"Nineteen individuals have served both as Guardsman and President of the United States and I'm proud to have been one".
I'm sorry but when did he serve and what did he do ?
Was that issue ever cleared up or just another spin off by his PR people ?
I thought he was MIA..
He then addressed a mother with FOUR boys in the guard !
What is this, another "Saving Private Ryan" ?

This meeting followed the same program as many others previous.
Take a catch phrase or a term and repeat, repeat, repeat..
today's word was "progress"..IE.."We're makin' progress in Iraq"..
There is still no exit strategy and "no timetable" and lest we forget why we are there..
"September 11th"..repeat, repeat, repeat..

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