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Sunday, June 05, 2005

All the News You Can Use

While surfing the various networks in search of something to watch that is not in the middle of a commercial I noticed the main story on all the news was Michael Jackson. I try to catch BBC for a different view of what's going on in the world but there again the main story is Michael Jackson.

Is there nothing else more important ?
Has the U.S been healed by the rightseous Christians ?
Has the genocide stopped in Africa ?
Did world hunger end ?
Did the freaky little guy in Korea give up his mad quest for power ?
Did the U.S. politicians let greed and corruption take a back seat to the needs of the people ?
Has Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld or Rice admitted they were wrong about anything ?
How are things going in Israel and Pakistan ?
What ever happened to A.Q.Khan ? Will he be prosecuted by the UN or the Hague tribunal ?

It's no wonder Ted Turner is disappointed w/CNN and their interest to cover "the pervert of the day". I guess more people will watch news about rapes and murders rather than get involved with the state of our environment or the progress in a free world.

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