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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Money for Social Security

What is the problem with today's politicians ?
The system seems to be in an uproar over Social Security and the only answers our fearless leaders can come up with are to raise taxes and lower benefits.
I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you that
This Is Unacceptable !
What we have here was also a concern in previous history.
Taxation w/o Representation
How can our political leaders look the American people in the eye and tell us that they have to raise taxes while at the same time they continue to run up the biggest deficit in history ?
How can they tell us that the system can no longer support Social Security w/o a decrease in benefits and then submit a plan to spend another $800 billion in Iraq ?
The people in charge of the accounting that led up to this situation should be terminated immediately and replaced by more competent individuals that will protect the interests of the American Taxpayer.
If huge amounts of money are obtainable to cover foreign interests, why can't they "find" the money when its needed for domestic interests ?
It is time for a serious change and I don't even want hear any partisan crap.
The present administration has to be held accountable for the needs of the people and if they can't, then get rid of them all.
Replace them with competent people that will protect the interests of the American people.
If they can raise $800 billion for Iraq they can use at least $2 billion for Social Security.
If they can spend billions around the world in foreign aid they can provide health care for Every Legal American Citizen.

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