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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

"Who Left the Door Open?"

Some of the current BIG concerns for the US is National Debt, War in Iraq, Social Security , Terrorism and control of our borders.
Bush has introduced a "guest worker" program for illegals.
Bush wants to allow illegal aliens -- up to 8 million if not more -- to hold jobs here "legally" by issuing "temporary worker cards." American workers would not be hurt, the president insists; these legalized illegals would fill jobs that U.S. firms supposedly can't fill.
Here we go down another path to the land of "Bright Ideas".
So who will pay for this pseudo amnesty program ?
Uh huh.. the American Tax Payer..
Last year Time had an article estimating 2 million illegals a day crossed our borders.
This year the estimate is for 3 million.
Asa Hutchinson, an official in the Department of Homeland Security, recently cut down a Border Patrol initiative to catch illegal aliens.
The reason? It was catching too many illegal aliens.
Homeland Security is more concerned about arresting Tommy Chong for selling bongs on the internet than the security of our borders.
Our fearless leader said "America is safer".
All the illegals are not "good people" trying to put food on the table as Bush suggested. No, out of the 500k that remain in the US and at large 1/4 of them are criminals.
Bush did stress he does not favor automatic citizenship for immigrant workers. "If somebody who is here working wants to be a citizen, they can get in line," he said.
We do have laws on the books, but they are apparently made for the sole purpose of ignoring them. How many people beyond those formally welcome under existing laws should we admit into the United States?
When politicians suggest or approve something so perverse it should send up red flags to all citizens. If this "program" gets approval it will ruin the quality of life you enjoyed in the past. Gone forever because the 8 million illegals will turn into 12-15 million and with them comes all the relatives that can jump on board.
The US needs a reality check on the status of the illegals but the world needs to get a grip on the population explosion.
Europe, you are next. Soon the Muslims will out number the natives. Tell me that won't change your quality of life !

Allowing a shortcut by the laws and thru the system sends what kind of message to those that followed the rules ?

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