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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Robert Newman's "History of Oil"

As Big Oil continues to show record breaking profits I felt compelled to share the "History of Oil".
Robert Newman sheds some light on the chain of events, the manipulation of governments and the power struggle in the Mid East.

Now I have to ask...
What is the best way to deal with Big Oil?

How can you boycott Exxon Mobil?
You need gas to drive.

So what's the answer?
Tax them the same way you tax the middle class.
A level playing field is in order.
No tax breaks or subsidies.
Big Oil has been about as accountable as Halliburton.
They should be taxed to the full extent EACH QUARTER, just in case they choose to bug out and move operations to Dubai or wherever.
The rise corporate greed is astounding. Exxon profits are thru the roof yet they still have failed to finish the clean up from the Valdez spill.

Anyway, please view the flick and feel free to share some comments or suggestions.

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